Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome Spring!

More like, welcome summer!  Today was about 70 degrees, simply glorious for Minnesota in March.  Grandpa A is visiting, so we put him to work helping move the outdoor furniture to the deck, walking to the playground and pushing kids on the swings.  Then after our THIRD, yes, THIRD meal on the grill this week and our first outside, Grandpa treated us to the recently-reopened-for-the-season Dairy Queen! 
N's pre-DQ swinging smiles

I love you, DQ!

Ice cream cone refresher course for M

Curly Q

Thanks, Grandpa!
P.S. See those girls in the background?  They were running around shortly after this pic (and a bit too close to the road for my comfort) and N was watching them intently, desperately wanting to run with them.  Then they all piled into a minivan and took off.  We hadn't spoken to the family at all, but as they drove away, N called out, waving, "Bye, bye, pink one!  Bye, bye green one!"  So funny that he's already watching the girls! 

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Anonymous said...

Reopened? Ours stays open all year -your doesnt? So weird.