Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"I Got Paint"

That was M's explanation. 

On Sunday afternoon, while I was making lunch, M snuck into my bedroom and found my makeup, which was still sitting out from the morning.  The boys had watched me apply makeup a few times recently, having to sit at the dining table to get it accomplished while they ate breakfast.  They were fascinated with it!  I should have known it was just a matter of time. 

The pictures don't do his application much justice since most of the mascara was located behind his left ear:

N got some mascara, too, but I'm not sure who applied it
In other news, Hubs is traveling again this week, and Aunt L has come to hang out with me and the boys, thank goodness!  They've been behaving incredibly well for her, so we are all quite happy (read: they aren't behaving for me!).  M is fevering today, unfortunately, but says he's well enough to go outside and play at the playground when N gets up - it's a glorious 61 and sunny, so we are headed there very soon!  Hopefully whatever this is will pass quickly and no one else will catch it!
Cupcake making with Aunt L

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