Thursday, March 22, 2012

Turn, turn, turn...

I thought I was in for a good night's sleep based on:
1. I was up half last night with insomnia. I normally sleep well the night after.
2. Boys went to bed well tonight, praise the Lord! I've had a peaceful evening.
3. The windows are open for perfect sleeping weather.
4. We received excellent news that there is an offer on our townhouse tonight! Peace of mind should allow me to sleep but excitement and happiness are keeping me up.

Or it's baby boy, whom, I've been convinced for about 10 days was head down, is suddenly head up again! How do I know? 2 things: his hiccups are at the top of my belly and I can actually feel his hard melon! Feels just like N's big old' head did 3 years ago!
So I'm doing what any other crazy pregnant insomniac lady would do: I'm lying in the dark with a package of frozen peas on my belly, his head, to freeze him out of there and a flashlight down low. And Im tapping out this message on my iphone for you dear reader. See the light at the end of the tunnel, baby? Go check it out!

Octopus boy isn't digging the peas, which is the point, but he doesn't seem to be getting the hint either! Oh heavens, do I have another stubborn hardheaded kid on my hands? Sure feels like it! But that's not getting me down tonight because we have an offer on the townhouse after just 7 days on the market!

Hallelujah! If that miracle can happen, so can this one. Turn, baby turn!

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