Monday, June 4, 2012

La what? Free sibling care?

I took the boys to a "baby talk" class, where they got to play with other kids and one of their former ECFE teachers and I got to socialize with other new moms. It struck me as I nursed C, sitting with a dozen moms, many of whom also nursed, that I was essentially sitting in one of those La Leche League meetings my mother in law went to in the '80's! I giggled, but smiled because now I see Past the goofy name and understand the wisdom. I wasn't there for nursing advice, though. After nursing twins for 10 months, I pretty much know what I'm doing (in that area anyhow). No, I was there for 90 minutes of free sibling care. Not going to lie. Besides being the ONLY mom called out to change a poopy diaper, it was beautiful! And we can attend until C is twelve weeks. Sign me up!

And what did C think? He loved it. And he tipped the scale at 12lbs 10oz...he's only 3wks 5 days! No wonder none of his clothes fit, he's gained two and three quarters pounds already!

Daddy's still doing a lot the shopping and today he brought home Twins hats for the boys. Adorable! Look at N's curls sticking out! They are really starting to get it too!

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

You are so funny! I love your humor. This sounds Ahhhmazing by the way. Wish I had something like this! I love ECFE and can't wait to start up again next fall. When the girls were little - and harder to handle (not walking yet) I attempted to sign up for 2 classes/week and took them one on one and left the other at sibling care. WHAT A JOKE. That did not work. The one I left behind was a mess. Of course. Not sure where my head was on that. Anyway -- thinking that perhaps when I do ECFE this fall I can find someone to stay with Ayla so I don't have to mess with that, but we'll see. Major props for getting all THREE out of the house. That's great!