Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Discover(y)

I finally did it. I hired a mother's helper. Two of them to be exact. And it might be the smartest thing I've ever done. They were here yesterday and this morning, taking care of M and N. The boys are in love with the sisters, who love them right back. I'm so happy that the boys are getting the attention that they need and want while I nurse C and scrub the dickens out of the bathrooms and attended my oh so lovely 6 (7 but who's counting) week check up. I despise cleaning bathrooms and pap smears, and the old me would have been horrified to know that one day I would actually pay people so that I(!) could do these things child-free.

BUT. A series of events has convinced me that if me and my sons are going to survive this summer, I'm going to need some help. You know how everyone from your mother, to your doctor, to the continuing Ed class you took last week tells you to take care of yourself? I finally got the message. And for me that looks like hiring a pair of sisters to play with my kids a few hours a week so I can do the stuff I never get around to doing but drives me bonkers because it's not done. by bonkers I mean absolutely nuts.

So far I've crossed out:
6 week check up
Order gift cards

See, their mom doesn't think I need to pay them. I think she wants her girls to be busy and serving others. That's great. But I want the girls to come back! So I'm using my Discover card points to buy them gift cards for school clothes. American Eagle and JCPenney's is what they chose. And I have enough points to order more in a couple weeks.

I know it is the grace and mercy of God who cares about the little things, like my mental health, to put two fantastic young ladies in my life and a whole lot of rewards points in my Discover account.


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I swear we are soul sisters. I did the same thing. Hired a 17 year old to help me a few hours each day. I am totally overwhelmed. Being back home 3 days and all the new freedom. Like a back yard and losing ms. K three times JUST today. And having to nurse the baby!! No way. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!

Meika said...

Yay! The very idea that full-contact parenting is a solo sport is just absurd, but so is the social pressure to go it alone. Kudos to you for making this happen. I had a sitter for the girls every Monday morning for a good two or three years. Totally saved my sanity. We also instituted "Daddy-Daughter night" every Wednesday - I went to Weight Watchers and then did whatever I wanted until I felt like coming home (usually ate sushi & went to the bookstore) and M and the girls picked up a pizza and watched a movie. Obviously good for me, but truly better for the whole family when Mama is not losing her freaking MIND! :)

May your helpers be many and your midnight wake-ops be few, my friend!

Kristi said...

I am SO, SO happy for you! What a blessing for you to be able to do that and to also know that YOU are worth it.