Friday, June 1, 2012

On the upswing

A sunny day. A visit with a friend. A hot meal served to me. Just one night feeding. Big boys sleeping till (nearly) seven. Feet normal. I'm finally on the upswing. What a very very long three weeks it's been, folks, but for the first time I think I might survive this.

I was going to add that I think my stomach is shrinking but a certain three year old asked if I have a baby in my belly today! My friend M, whose twin tummy is VERY flat now, assured me her daughter asks her the same thing all the time. Mmmmhmmmm, sure she does.

She's innocent, though, not like the nurse who saw my postpartum waddle to the NICU three years ago and told me to keep that baby cooking a bit longer. I guess I only looked 8 months pregnant then? Hopefully today I just look 3 or 4. Oh well.

At least no one thinks I'm carrying twins.


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KJ said... does get easier! Especially once you start getting sleep again. :) BTW my twins told me a few weeks ago that my belly was growing again and we had a baby in there (now that would be a surprise!). So don't feel bad!