Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meet the Uncles

One of our favorite things to do in Michigan is Midland's farmer's market on Saturday mornings.  Today was extra special since a local church was sponsoring a kid's day or something, complete with free balloons, cookies, and a bounce house.  Hubs and I took the kids where his family met us for a fun morning.  Fun until M lost his pink balloon!  It was quickly replaced with a green one but he was inconsolable.  Poor kid. 

Hi Uncle D! 

Mommy, Uncle A pinched me!

Who's holding me now?

Aunt L and K

I love the bounce house Uncle A!
N loves it, too.
The boys were fantastic on the plane yesterday but didn't nap.  Then last night I thought they would pass out because they were so tired, but since they were sharing a room for the first time in 5 months, they giggled and talked for an hour (which is still okay because they weren't jumping or screaming) then were up at 6 am, lost and scared because they (N) didn't know where they (he) was!  They took a nap this afternoon at my MIL's without putting up a fight, much to my delight.  I'm glad for it because tomorrow is looking like a no nap day too.

C is a champ, giving me a 5 hour stretch of sleep each night followed by two more and last night three more.  Loving this whole nursing-one-baby business.  I told my mom last night that it's probably good that I had the twins first because I didn't know how HARD what I was doing (nursing twins) was until now because nursing one is so easy, just like my twin-mom,-plus-a-singleton friends said it would be.  Glad to be here for a week where there are lots of hands to help so I can relax a bit and do fun stuff like blog and plan our anniversary party, which reminds wedding ring fits again just in time for our 10 year anniversary next week!

Ten years, three year old twins and a one month old.  Not to mention a lot of other stuff.  Wow!

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