Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baking Binge

There *might* be something wrong with me. I went on a baking binge this morning. It went like this:
1. Hubs promises to bring goodies to a church event tonight.
2. I'm like, "you what?!....I mean, great!"
3. I whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough but put it in the jelly roll pan because I didn't feel like baking and switching pans every 7 minutes for an hour.
4. The dumb pilot light isn't working so I put them in the convection oven and forget to set its timer (I know what a snob, I have two ovens. I don't like the convection oven of that helps, which is why I forgot to set the oven timer.)
5. The boys and I are having fun outside when I smell cookies and dash inside to take them out.
6. Upon cooling and cutting, I discover they are as dry as biscotti...which is what we used them for this morning. The boys ate them for snack, too, but they unservable for friends.
7. I also discovered the rice crispy treats were dry and brittle, too. This is what I get for trying to remember two easy recipes from my BRAIN!
8. In an attempt to redeem myself, Good Housekeeping Cookbook and Pampered Bride apron made an appearance this morning, after making French toast from Thursday's bread baking project, and prepping overnight baked French toast for tomorrow. This is war!
7. Banana nut muffins, to use up my father in law's plethora of bananas he bough last month, and the raw walnuts that I discovered I am allergic to.
8. Apple Gingerbread muffins, to use up the molasses Hubs doesn't like and to prove a point to myself I guess that I can bake a new recipe right the first time.
9. Cocoa Brownies. Oh yeah, these are for reals, people. Just for good measure...I don't need no box mix!!!

I used a pound of butter and wiped out a few baking staples in my pantry, but I feel as though I've redeemed myself. And just for the record, I do use box mixes. Just had to stick it to those chocolate chip biscotti cookies this morning.

Also, I was a little distracted last night because what I REALLY wanted to make was C's owl hat.....


April said...

OK seriously ADORABLE hat!!! Sign me up! Hopefully in pink ;)
Sorry about the oven issues...:/

Meika said...

Oh, you thought you'd just stick that little "I discovered I'm allergic to walnuts" bit in and no-one would notice? What the heck happened?! Hope it wasn't anything too dramatic!

LOVE the hat, though - the woman at the coffee shop I frequent makes them, and I'm thinking of one for Alicen. Too cute!

Pam Kelsey said...

Yeah, that hat is adorable! Of course you had a super cute model!! And, what about the walnuts? How and when did that happen??