Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Licensed Stay At Home Teacher Mom

I'm lying next to my snoring husband, listening to the thunderstorm raging at 12:30 am. I'm obviously not sleeping and my thoughts turn to you, my friends who so joyously posted photos of your little darlings heading off to school this morning while you sipped coffee and cruised Facebook in your local coffee shop. Yeah, you know who you are.

I have very mixed emotions about the first day of school. A small part of me wishes I were teaching today. A large part of me wishes I were having coffee with a friend while the kids were in school. Then I feel guilty for saying that because who wouldn't want to be home with these little gems?

I know I know! They really look cute in this picture. They were "tucking in" their cars for naps underneath the towels when I snapped it. I try to take pictures when they are playing well together because a) I want to give you the impression they are like this all the time and b) I need the photo for myself 10 minutes later to remind me that good behavior does exist.

My guys are just three and we are not springing for preschool this year, so i am planning our fall schedule now. I guess I'm running my own preschool.

Here's what our lesson plan was today:

Home ec: baking banana bread. We tried a new recipe. It was a Fail. Thank goodness this teacher allows re-takes.

Phy Ed: our favorite class, bien sur. racing trikes and then going for a walk in our neighborhood.

Lunch: second favorite class, fried egg sandwiches with bacon, yum!

Nap time, you mean you didn't have one today? I considered a science lesson but decided against taking my three year old twins to the phlebotomist with me.

Reading, writing, arithmetic: they have been copying letters numbers and shapes on a whiteboard toy. N is really starting to get good at it!

Ph Ed: I think running through the sprinkler for an hour counts as swimming?

English: I broke out the classics, "light in the Attic" and "Where the Sidewalk Ends" for bedtime tonight. The boys were "skating" with them on the wood floor when I came back from nursing and putting C to bed. (sigh) not quite ready for those, but they did listen quietly for awhile.

When they're not whining or hitting or pooping in the tub (yes that happened this weekend) or smashing their baby brother's face or spilling pineapple juice on my freshly mopped floors, or mooning the neighbors peeing in the front yard, they are a lot of fun. Hopefully I can keep up with them this year...I think all those years of teaching middle school were preparing me for this. Now I'm a licensed stay at home preschool teacher mom.

In other news, M is in underpants for the first time tonight because we "ran out" of pull ups. "there are more downstairs!" he cried.

Shoot! "those are emergency pull ups," I said.

"what's emergency?" he asked.
"where we call the police because you had an accident. We-ooo-we-ooo!" I added to emphasize that he could not wear those (or the half case in the closet).

I am fully prepared to start the washing machine at "seven oh oh," but hoping for the best.

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