Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Here are some of the best from tonight's photo upload, all from the last 10 days or so...
C and I had a photo shoot in the living room one afternoon.
Trying to catch the flow hawk and a smile

He's starting to roll over now!

Pure love

Is this photo shoot over yet?

More flow hawk, I know it won't last forever

Open mouth, insert anything!

I love gummy smiles
 Snapped a couple pics of our al fresco lunch one afternoon, thinking of all those poor school kids eating in a cafeteria.
M eats his at a time

Mr. Wilson at lunch
 Gotta snap the brotherly love when you see only lasts about 20 seconds.
N asks to hold C every day

I'm cute, you're not PBBBBBT

M's big boy grin
 This weekend was our town festival, the Defeat of Jesse James Day.  While there were many shots snapped on iphones (tractor pull, rodeo, and carnival rides) the NIkon only made it to the parade.  So here they are!
N waits at the parade

M waiting for candy

Cute shot of the boys in the wagon

Me and 3 boys, first shot of us in months!
 N stayed home with me to make Chicken a l'orange (YUM btw) while Daddy and M rode the carnie rides before they shut down this afternoon.  He likes doing his "homework" so while the chicken was in the oven, he traced the entire alphabet himself!  I only modeled on the other white board.  I was pretty impressed! 
N copied the alphabet by himself today!

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