Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Convo with C



C`4 is helping type the first blog post from Desktop Dino, which hubs so lovingly resurrected from the .hytumukijk dead this week.

For me.

  tmv newrmr vvfk,lfv fvrmvf

you're right, C, for tax purposes. And me.

u8jkkmhnbfj5 mfdglfrmfmaxmjc,,mnjkk!

yes, you are right about that as well. you are a lovely welcome tax deduction.


no, you will not get your own iphone with our return.


Finish paying you off! Babies dont stay in the NICU for free...all you boys thought you needed a private suite for pity's sake!


I forgive you.

bnhjnmjm,,mm,m n?

maybe, maybe Ill let you use Desktop Dino.

hh jyjyjhnjm.

i love you, too.

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