Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter and Wedding Suits

 Here's the last of the photo dump to update you!  I'm realizing that since I'm IN most of these photos, that means I'm not TAKING them, so I need to get on the stick (whatever that means) and start taking more photos now that I'm running out!  Here are the twins searching for their Easter baskets Easter morning.  That bunny did a better job than she thought because N's proved rather difficult: it was behind the big red chair.  And she also put PAJAMAS in there - now I know why the bunny always brought ME pajamas - because kids need new ones about this time of year. (Theoretically.  It's been too chilly to wear them yet, much to their chagrin.)
Here it is!

Pajamas!  I "wove" da "cwab"!

C was happy just playing with the decorations on my lap.
 After church and before lunch, so that we could allow N to take off his horrendous "button shirt," I asked Mom to take a photo of all 5 of us.  We never got one at Christmas, the last time we were all dressed up at a family function, she here we go.  After about 10 takes, this is the best one - everyone is facing the camera and some are smiling...kind of.  Heavens, I hope for just 10 seconds of cooperation when we are in our wedding clothes in two weeks. I only need ONE shot.  Just one.  That's all I'm asking for!
Picture perfect!
 Speaking of picture perfect and wedding clothes, remember I mentioned I spent most of a week gathering wedding suits for the boys?  I decided that since I spent a SUM of cash on these, since the clothes will only fit all 3 of them for a few weeks, and since it's near all 3 boys' birthdays, I would dress them in a practice run of the clothes and get photos done. 

I'm so smart it makes my brain hurt.  Or maybe it's caffeine withdrawl.  Anyhow, after scheduling a Sears appointment (remember photog friends, you are letting this one slide) and Sears' photo studios GOING OUT OF BUSINESS THE NEXT DAY (no lie, absolutely true) and scrambling to get a NEW appointment at JCPenny studios in a different city in a different mall, because we only have ONE SHOT at this - suits fitting, Hubs off work on a weekday, yadayadayada - to get this done, here we are dressing the munchkins:
M was seriously in LOVE with this suit.  Maybe we have a little fashionista?

Getting his tie just so

This is so precious to me

Showing him the finished product

Speaking of product, Hubs' fixes M's hair in an updo
There are no photos of N getting ready because it was an absolute nightmare!  He's my kid and I love him with my whole heart and soul, but he has Serious issues about wearing a polo shirt with two buttons, so the entire suit was just a disaster.  It was so bad we videotaped his meltdown to show him how naughty he was.  Fortunately, he had a show, a snack, and a half hour ride to get over it and gave us some nice smiles in the studio.  Hopefully it will go better next time 'round....

Here's the link to the photo shoot....
Boo. Okay, they've made the site so the only way to share images is by sending you a personal link via email.  But in a week, I should have the CD and be able to share them then.  They turned out well and I finally got a shot of all 3 boys smiling together.  Praise the Lord, it can be done.  Just need to do it one more time with us all in our wedding clothes and we will have our Christmas card...who cares if the photo will be 7 months old?  It's unlikely that we will get another one all year! 

Hope you're getting dug out of the Minnesota snow, or staying afloat of the Michigan rain, or just surviving the crazy spring weather wherever you are!  And happy second birthday to my sweet niece L!!!


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I LOVE the suits! And oh.. how I can relate to "clothing issues". I think I'd lose a week of sleeping worry about IF my girls would even put them on!! You did good!!! I think when it comes to "the day" he'll do great! Lots of excitement. I have two "unwed" brothers and I keep telling them I have three darling flower girls. HURRY UP! ;)

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