Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Rainy Wednesday

Now that we've been here 2 months and I was beginning to miss MN a bit, I learned that they are getting a bunch of snow so I'm feeling a little more positive about today being our THIRD straight day of pouring down rain.  It's melted all the snow and I see grass greening up and some what could be tulips poking up from underneath what I am calling the "bird bush" - because I don't know what it is, but it's full of birds all the time. Now we are seeing blue jays and robins in addition to the chickadees and sparrows.  With any luck, the boys will make birdhouses at Lowe's on Saturday for them (because we showed up last week only to learn we had the date wrong...typical).

I was trying to be responsible and do something productive while the boys are busy and the baby is sleeping and the dishwasher is washing, like renew my MN teaching license.  I received an email that my hours and "reflection piece" were approved (big HOORAY so that I don't have to re-write the bugger) and I can go ahead and apply.  BUT the website wants my serial number located on my paper license.  That's in addition to my file folder number, which I actually DID know.  So now I have to wait until the baby wakes up because the only possible place in the whole world for that license is going to be SOMEWHERE in the filing cabinet in his room.  Foiled again.

Now I'll try to upload some pics because the boys' show is over and they are playing "Mighty Minds" at the table (which claims to make kids smarter, probably like how fizzy fun keeps kids busy for HOURS) which should last approximately 5 minutes.

N is totally loving dyeing eggs. Here he's dissolving the tablet and laughing how it's fizzy.

Aunt L and N making pink eggs

Action shot!  We are just dissolving tablets here I think, but the boys loved it all

M was so into it!!

N is counting them up...12 eggs dyed, one smashed to smithereens.  Not bad!
 The day after egg dyeing we took the boys to see baby bunnies at Warmbier Farms, a local plant and garden shop.  While the boys enjoyed the bunnies, it wasn't the raging success I was envisioning...M was trying to feed the bunnies straw, which kept hopping away because they weren't really holding them, just mushing their heads and fur.  Oh well, the 6 and 8 year old girls snuggled them back to health after my boys took their turn and seemed no worse for the wear.
Warmbier Farms' baby bunnies. 

C was not impressed, either.

See how he's being so gentle?  Kind of?
 Here we are at the Chippewa Nature Center with Uncle A.  We went the day before Easter, the last weekend they had the Sugarhouse open.  We learned how they make maple syrup - did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup? - and even taste it.  It was a fun day to be outside!
Uncle A and N checking out the buckets

Daddy and M watch the sap drip drip drip into the bucket.
Just like I thought.  It's been 10 minutes and the boys are bored with Mighty MInds and play dough and the baby is crying.  Happy Rainy Wednesday!

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