Monday, April 8, 2013

Let the Photo Dump Begin!

Feb 1, 2013, Hubs and Uncle A
Moving Day photos...figured I'd start at the beginning of 200+ photos for the photo dump!  And to see if Blogger would allow me to post them because you might remember it was giving me grief last fall so I started blogging on my iphone with its photos.  Looks like we're back and good as new!  I only needed two months to get my act together to begin blogging again! 

Above you see handsome Hubs and Uncle A about to unload the blasted truck...remember they were over 24 hours delayed due to not one but two faulty trucks and subzero temps in MN?  It was in the 20's when FIL and Hubs arrived, so it was balmy! 

The truck was packed to the gills!

 Here's Aunt L and Uncle D, working hard!
She's a runway model, folks!

Okay, now that I know I am up and running, I need to go assist with bath and bedtime.  I plan to spend a good portion of the night uploading photos and updating you on the last two months, so hold tight.

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