Monday, April 8, 2013

More Pics!

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 They are going to be out of order...first was the first day of preschool then a few days after that we got a giant snowstorm that dumped over a foot on us!  The next day Uncle A came over to help build a snow fort, which the guys totally loved! 

 Then there was Valentines Day, which I blogged about here. The boys got so much candy at school that I think there are still a few stray heart shaped lollipops in the cupboard.  I'm going to have to decide waaay before Halloween how much creative energy to apply to the in, whether to be lame and give one piece like I just did on VDay, or to put my back out trying to keep up with some of the moms.
C was really into this project...N, not so much.

 This is photographic evidence that I like to be creative (just not when it comes to giving excessive candy to three year old twins) and actually use some of those Pinterest ideas.  Here's one that kept ONE mom's kids "busy for hours." We called it fizzy fun...just vinegar and food dye dribbled into a pan of baking soda.  It kept my kids busy for a quarter of an hour, so I suppose if we do this 3 more times I can make the same claim.  I did move the pin into a file called "Pinterest stuff I actually did," so there.

 Here's a collaboration of ideas used to make my favorite new wall in the house. Three cans of paint and some thrift store frames and utensils and here it is!  Because the kids kept asking what it said, I've changed the phrase to a different Bible verse every week.  The Word says to write it on the doorframes of your house, so I think that goes for homemade chalkboards, too.
This is the one where I taught myself how to display an old quilt without damaging (read: sewing) it using a dowel rod, ribbon, safety pins and 3M hooks.  This quilt was made for me by my Grandma P while I was still cooking and I just received it (again) recently.  Thought it would be appropriate for the changing table area.
First Day of Preschool!  Feb 5 2013

Even C is smiling big!

Walking in for the first time (in 22 years)

M and N had lockers ready and waiting!

 Now we are getting to the March we are with Hubs' family (he's photographing) at Gengi (where my fab brother in law D manages!) celebrating Mom and Dad A's 35th wedding anniversary.  We chose it because it's a fun Japanese steakhouse that we all love, including the boys, who were enthralled with our teppanyaki chef, see below!  Uncle A's special lady was even able to attend!  I'm having fun getting to know Ms. A.

 Here we are with the delicious (but accidentally cream cheese frosting) cake and balloons the boys picked out which I am so glamorously trying to get into the pic yet stay out myself, and Hubs is trying to get Dad A to OPEN HIS EYES!  WE have a half dozen of this shot, NONE of which have Dad's eyes open!  Oh, and, I think C was swiping the icing!

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad!
 Okay, remember the Easter Egg Hunt gone bad?  Read about it here. We did capture these two cuter than cute photos BEFORE the siren wailing and the whole world falling apart!  There was also a mom, grandma, and two kids next to us (I think that's her in the white coat behind C) who were marveling that we actually HAD ANOTHER BABY because she has THREE YEAR OLD TWINS AND.....she trailed off without finishing the sentence, so I just had to guess she wanted to say "the kids are eating her alive!" but couldn't because the twins' mom walked up with the little girl whom she'd been taking potty.  What did I say?  Your brilliant girl just said, "Well, it can be done."
C is the happiest baby on earth I think.

My absolute fave photo found in the camera today!!!

Not liking this waiting for the hunt to begin part.
Okay, that's enough for now.  I'll finish up March and what we have for April next time.  After that I hope to keep up a little better.  Good night friends.

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