Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 Top Ten
1. Moving to MI, Feb.
2. C's first birthday, first party in our new house, May
3. M and N's 4th birthday, when M repeatedly declared, "this is the best day EVER!" May
4. Traverse City getaway for our 11th wedding anniversary, June
5. Renewing my teaching lisence, my one and only new year's resolution, May
6. Family vacation to Tawas...the twins keep asking when we are going back to the beach to pick blueberries, August.
7. Uncle D and Aunt J's wedding, moving, and baby shower. We are so glad to be here to be a part of it all year!
8. Sleeping in our own beds during the holidays, not stressing about flying standby to make it home for them!
9. Visiting MN to see our old friends, enjoying all the things we love about that state, last week.
10. M and N enjoying preschool, us enjoying them becoming independent big kids, this fall.

Looking forward to in 2014, in no particular order...
1. Birthday party season (April 30-June 27)
2. Missouri family vacation, July
3. Kindergarden, September
4. Fixing my tooth that broke eating a meatball Christmas Eve night, Wednesday 
5. Vacation Bible School, June
6. Warm weather to walk to the park again, ASAP!
7. Gymnastics lessons that start tomorrow if things are open in the severe wind chill that's predicted
8. T ball or swimming lessons, spring 
9. My siblings coming home for Christmas and me sleeping in my own bed!
10. Celebrating a dozen years with my love in June, maybe even at a London wedding?

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