Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 months, 4 shots, and 2 pink Bumbos

We've got the shot appointments down pat now: Tylenol, snuggles and snacks.  The boys were real champs at their appointments!  They giggled and cooed, laughed and kicked, showing off their stuff for the doctor.  She was quite impressed that they are doing all normal 4 month old stuff: drooling, sucking their fists, placing their feet and of course all the cute smiling and laughing.  Since they were born at 35 weeks, they've done an excellent job catching up to 4 month olds! 

Matthew tipped the scale at 13 pounds even, and a solid 2 feet long!  Good thing, too, because that's what his passport says he is!  Nathan's catching up to him slowly but surely; just a half pound shy at 12 lbs, 8 oz and a half inch shy at 23.5 inches.  His passport says he's two feet tall as well.  I figure that someday he'll be what the passport says, just like someday I'll weigh what my licence says!!  Ha!

They were so brave: neither cried at the first poke.  Then the second poke came along with one big wail!  But Daddy and I were prepared with an early dose of Tylenol and a little snack to pop in their mouths as soon as they caught their breaths.  By the time the little baba was gone, they were just fine.  Whew, don't have to do that again for two months.

Why the pink Bumbos, you ask?  Well, you all know that I am a bargain when a fellow multiples mom was selling her two LILAC Bumbos for 15 bucks, I snapped them up.  You moms know those puppies sell for almost 40 bucks!  Steve wasn't thrilled when I told him I'd bough two LILAC Bumbos, but convinced him with my supermom reasoning powers: they'll never know their colors until after they're done using them, it's 80 bucks worth of stuff for 15 bucks, your neice Lily loved hers, they're cute and fun, and most of all, I WANT THEM!  So we drove out to the previous owners' house, I enter and give the mom the cash and she hands over 2 CARNATION PINK BUMBOS!  What could I do?  What could I say?  It would be rude to tell her she's color blind, right?  So I take them.  And you should have seen Steve's face when I loaded those pink Bumbos into our minivan (maybe I'll write about THAT day, minvan day, for you sometime)!  Oh, boy!  

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