Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I knew I was going to have to make some babyfriends if I was going to survive staying home with the boys for a year.  What's a babyfriend?  Well, I don't know.  The word is not in the dictionary so I guess I made it up.  I will define it as: a friend whose baby is close enough in age that your babies could be friends, too.  So I guess it's kind of like a play date...for moms.  She doesn't know it, but my friend E was an answer to prayer when she entered my life.  I met her at the first Minnesota Valley Mothers of Multiples (MVMOM) meeting I attended in February.  It turned out she was pregnant with fraternal twin boys, due just a few weeks before I was!  It was so nice to call or email her when I was having a pregnancy pain because she assured me that she, too, was feeling miserable and not sleeping, either.  She made me feel completely normal.

Our boys wound up being born just 3 days apart because Matthew and Nathan decided to enter our world 3 weeks early.  We were even hospitalized just 2 rooms away from each other.  It makes me understand a tiny bit how soldiers can become friends for life after fighting in the trenches together.

Like me, she's decided to stay home with her little ones for the time being.  So we agreed to get together on a regular basis; not for the boys to have 'playdates' per se, but to keep each other sane!  In the beginning, they were nice and peaceful; you can see in the top photo where they are just a month old how quiet and calm they were at one month (Matthew is wearing light blue and Nathan green stripes).  At two months, all the boys took turns being fussy for our get-togethers.  It was like a game of hot potato!  Normal people wouldn't call that fun, but just getting out of the house and surviving it was considered a real accomplishment for us!  Nathan is cashed out in blue bouncy chair and Matthew is eyeing the camera with contempt on the far right.

Three months, below, showed a lot of improvement as all 4 boys were beginning to smile, coo, and laugh.  Nathan is baby 3 in this photo and Matthew is aptly labeled 'lil' stinker'!  Now that the guys are at 4 months (photo coming soon) and E and I are working on regular naps, maybe just MAYBE, we'll get them all to sleep at the same time.  Hey, a girl can dream!

And you'll see our newest babyfriend in our last photo.  Taken yesterday, a dear old friend of mine had her first baby girl a week ago.  This photo stuns me because Baby E weighs 5lbs 14 oz in it.  That's 5 more oz than Matthew weighed at birth!  Check out Matthew now, chillin' on the left next to his new girlfriend.  Can you believe he was smaller than her?  I'm shocked.  Now I understand why so many said my babies were small.  I didn't think they were!  Anyhow, Baby E. is sweet as can be and we are so happy to have another babyfriend!

I wonder what would happen if E, E, and I got all 4 boys and 1 tiny girl together?  Would they beat her up?  Will they ignore her?  Will they all fall in love with her?  Only time will tell!

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