Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poopsplosion and More

Three things happened all at once:

1. I was outside in the rain STILL trying to install the Evenflo car seat base and getting drenched.  While I'm glad for the replacement seat, otherwise we'd probably still be in Flint, I'm fairly certain I will never buy an Evenflo seat after last weekend. I went inside to retrieve the seat, sans baby, to see if I'd finally installed the darn base correctly when I found

2. My husband on the floor changing Nathan, who'd not JUST pooped.  He'd had a POOPSPLOSION!  Evidently, the previous night's poops on the airplane and at midnight were just a precursor of what was to come that Friday morning.  Holy smokes!  It was not contained in the diaper, it was everywhere: all the way up his back, almost to his neck, seeping out the legs and onto the blanket!  Steve was calm and controlled, but gagging, and asked me to get the backpack diaperbag for extra clothing when I found

3.  One of the 'snack' bottles I'd prepared for the guys had leaked into the diaperbag, soaking mostly a blanket and the bottom of the bag.  I knew I had to clean up that mess, too, or I'd have a stinky, sour-milk diaperbag forever.  Fortunately, the one extra sleeper I'd tossed in at the last minute was on top and Steve was able to continue working on problem number two.  I shot up a prayer that Matthew wouldn't play the same trick because of course I'd only packed one outfit (but never again). 

So I ran back outside, FINALLY installed the stupid base, only to go back inside and rinse out chunks of poo from Nathan's onesie, then empty out the contents of the diaper bag, wipe it out as best I could, Febreze the bag and place all wet stuff in front of the the fan.  Whew!  What a morning!

Steve entertaining Nathan on the plane Thursday night, before everything went haywire.

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april said...

Yay! SO glad you got a pic on the plane! :) Not so YAY about all the drama on the plane!