Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby Curves

What do you do with two curious four month old babies during a rainy October week?  You set up your living  room with circuit training stations and call it Baby Curves!  I had to evict the dust bunnies and rearrange the furniture (can you believe they slept long enough for me to do that?  Me neither!), but by mid afternoon, the boys were working out at their stations.  Here's Matthew, left, and Nathan working hard at tummy time.  They've become quite fond of frog eyes and monkey legs, so expect to see these tummy time friends in their mouths if we visit you soon.    Another very popular station is called bouncy seats, where the guys work on digesting food and kicking wildly.  Pictured in our previous post is the famously Pink Bumbo station, where the boys work their midsections practicing sitting up.  The Bumbos are parked under the endtable when not in use; where else would they be?  Another popular station is located in our dining room, the papasan swing.  Previously for relaxing, it's used for hand-eye coordination exercises now that they can reach the toys. Most challenging, as well as the most entertaining station is the Jumparoo/Exersaucer station.  There's so much to do there!  The hardest part is, of course, reaching your toes to the floor...but if you can do that, oh, the fun you can have!  Nathan is in the saucer in this was the day he learned that the seat spins around, but he can only spin it counterclockwise!  Maybe he'll get that left foot working to un-spin himself someday.  Matthew likes to stare at his brother while working the Jumparoo.  He gets it going side to side right now...can't wait till he figures out how to go up and down!  The boys work out at Baby Curves a couple times a day, so next time you see them, they'll be bigger and stronger fellas!

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Meika said...

Kim, you are totally going to be The Fun Mom. Baby Curves - that's awesome! I love it!