Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Airport Field Trip

As a kid, I loved going on field trips.  It was so fun to do something different, see something new, and best of all, to hang out with your friends.  As a teacher, I, um, disliked going on field trips.  Doing something different, doing something new, and worst of all, kids hanging out with their friends!

We had a family field trip to the MSP airport today, and I must admit, I felt like a teacher!  I had to take a detour, the nap schedule got messed up, and I would up in pain!  What happened?

Steve and I had to get our flu shots at the Health Expo!  This, on top of getting a painful filling yesterday - woo hoo for me! 

Okay, it wasn't all that bad.  The boys were wide awake and taking it all in; we had a bird's eye view of Delta's check-in counter.  Nathan got a little squaky after sitting in his car seat, so we watched the people check in.  It was a slow day, according to the employees waiting in line behind us.  Nevertheless, the boys were fascinated watching the people go by.  They love to watch people.

Matthew was pooped from keeping his eyes open all morning, so he sacked our after lunch the rest of the afternoon.  Nathan's been feeling a little funky, so he wanted to snuggle with mama instead. 

When dad got home after work, the fun began again!  We went for a walk because it looks like the last nice fall day (I know I've said that before, but I mean it every time) and played after dinner. 

Matthew has been battling a pesky sock all week.  I finally figured out why!  When we put him in the washing maching (the exersaucer with a seat that goes back and forth, then round and round), he's able to get some serious traction with a bare foot!  While we were eating dinner (the one thing I managed to get done this afternoon), he wiggled that sock off and started spinning!  Round and round he went.  It was hilarious!


We are planning some more field trips and will report on those, but rest assured we can make our own fun at home, too!

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