Wednesday, December 15, 2010

9 Moms + 19 Kids

Equals Fun, Fun, Fun!

Add PBJ cutouts, 45 dozen cookies to exchange and a choo-choo table and we're in heaven!  Yep, us crazy mommies-of-twin-one-year-olds did it again: a play date.  One can only imagine the craziness that ensued, and pictures cannot depict the chaos, mainly because all of mine were of the backs of heads - kids zipping around so fast!

Mine remained somewhat still upon discovering...The CHOO CHOO TABLE:

God bless Maria for having us over - we invaded her humongous basement-turned-kiddie-playroom-nirvana - and pretty much dismantled it.  "It" being the toys - believe it or not, her Christmas trees remained both intact and upright!  I have high hopes for our tree (next year).  Had it not been for needing to feed the kids, I think mine would have remained glued to the train table all day.  Upstairs we went,
But finding the kiddie table full,

N helped himself to the big table

M did, too.  That's a PBJ stocking going down the hatch.
Mommy and M pose for a quick pic
 I shouldn't be surprised that my fellas are such good boys, but watching them both climb up on the dining room chairs and stay seated (mostly) for a meal (of sorts) was pleasantly surprising.  It's one of those times where I realize, they're not so little as I think they are. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get a group shot this time, but I will tell you that seeing 18 one year olds and one big brother overseeing them all was quite a sight!  Kudos to my 8 MOM friends who understand that organized chaos is the key to sanity.  You ladies rock!


Maria Harris said...

It was great fun!!!

Lindsey Aulds said...

They are so adorable sitting at the table like big boys! How have the gotten so big? Ahh!