Saturday, December 11, 2010


Not the Dairy Queen kind, either.  I just checked the Weather Channel, which has been reporting from Minneapolis all day, and we've been upgraded (although I thought upgrades were good!) from a winter storm warning to a blizzard warning!  I don't know if I've ever been in an actual blizzard, though I'm certain I've described many a snowstorm as a blizzard.

We knew the snow was coming and spent yesterday gathering acorns - that is, groceries, books, yarn, and choo-choos - because we thought we might be snowed in today.

Oh, about the choo-choos.  Remember "The Power of Pwez?"  Daddy said that M's "Pwez?"  would be irresistible to the grandparents,and it's true!  Daddy has a prized choo choo train from his Aunt J and Uncle T, which he kept and placed on a special shelf in the boys' room.  M can see it from his crib and wakes up every morning saying, "choo-choo," pointing at it.  Well, it just so happened that Grandma was in the room and asked HER for that very special choo-choo "pwez" that Daddy doesn't take off the self.

That's all it took!  They are loving every second of the choo-choo.  Okay, M is very possessive and won't let N play with it, but he's having a great time.  So great, in fact, that the choo-choo had to go with us when we went shopping (for yarn, of course)!
So Daddy, we love that you took such good care of the choo choo.  Thanks!  It's keeping us sane while we're snowed in during the blizzard!

We had so much snow that we're measuring it in N's and M's.  Check out how much has blown onto our balcony today:
Half an N at noon today
A whole ME of snow at 4pm!
Oh,'s PJ day, too.  We're all lounging in our comfies.  After dinner, the fellas will get a bath and a clean pair of PJ's.

Being snowed in today has been quite fun because we prepared ourselves yesterday and were prepared with provisions and have had plenty of cable TV access: Weather Channel, HGTV and Yo Gabba Gabba On Demand! 


The Alexanders said...

gotta love pj days!

Lindsey Aulds said...

What cuties! I'm glad you guys had a fun chill day. pun intended. ; )PS the blog below this one is adorable too but I'm cold (too cold to leave another comment) so I'm going to get under a blanket and thaw. Good job on the hats!