Friday, December 3, 2010

Festive Fellas

Aunt L and the fellas overlook downtown Minneapolis
On Wednesday morning, Aunt L, the boys and I forsook all housework and ventured into Downtown Minneapolis to see the Macy's Holiday display on the 8th floor.  The fellas were quite festive and enjoyed watching the animated elves, the singing Christmas trees, and especially people-watching while strolling through the skyway - but they weren't really in the picture-taking mood! 
Baby N

Mrs. Claus, me, N, and a thoughtful M
Here we are visiting "Reindeer Flight School," trying to snap a pic with Mrs. Claus.  She was not received well, so we skipped Santa's visit at the end altogether.  Maybe the boys will be up to it when Daddy goes with us next time.
 Believe it or not, the boys were very well-behaved while we dined in the Skyroom on Macy's 12th floor.  Even though I brought them PBJ's, M ate a large portion of MY tortellini!
There was a Salvation Army bell-ringer at the Skyway entrance to Macy's, so I stopped the stroller and gave each boy a quarter to drop in the bucket.  They both laughed and giggled, the bell-ringer rang his bell and we all cheered when the coins dropped.  They had so much fun that I promised them we'd stop on our way out, and we did it all over again.  The bell-ringer was prepared for us the second time because he gave each of the boys a candy cane afterward.  It was the best buck I spent all day! 

And we didn't know it until we reached the elevator, but M busted his candy cane and was sucking on it all the way through the skyway!  How did he know it was candy? 


Kristi said...

Isn't it funny how they just KNOW what things are? Alex is in a phone phase...he uses anything and everything that looks like a phone to call Grammi and Poppi. :)

The Alexanders said...

Looks like a fun time! I love doing Christmasy stuff with the fellas!