Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mid-Michigan Children's Museum

After a grueling okay, mostly boring 12 hour drive, we made it back to home-sweet-home last night with enough time to whip up a frozen pizza and bathe two little wrestling baby alligators before bed.  Now that I've had a good night's sleep and got some laundry going, I thought I'd pop in and show you a few pics from our super-fun morning at Mid Michigan Children's Museum with the aunties, uncies, and cousins.
Green means Go!

Vroom!  Vroom!  Mommy and N on the go-cart

N and the cousins posin' for a pic

N, M and Aunt L lost in the maze

Moooove Over!  Daddy and M

Drying off after the waterworks

L listens for her sister-to-be

Busy Boys

Too little, too late, sis!
My sister got some funny ones of us trying on outdated spectacles at the "optometrist's" and I got one of my brother in law weighing himself on the real scale at the "doctor's!" but I'm too nice (*snicker, snicker*) to post it.  And I know my sister would KILL me if I posted the measurement of her belly pic!  The kiddos had a great time, but we had to skedaddle out of there early b/c my little fellas can't maintain the crazy pace set by their big cousins.  They stayed and played even longer! 

This is seriously a very cool place to take the kiddos and I'm sure we'll be back!  Love you, sisters! Thanks for the good time!

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Lindsey Aulds said...

Cute! That was fun! Miss you guys already!