Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MOA and the library boat

It's so far beyond freezing, it's ridiculous! But that didn't stop us from visiting the MOA and our library today. I forgot my camera so we'll see if the mobile uploads are blogworthy. Coming up you should see the boys admiring one of the trees at the MOA rotunda, where we watched a couple of middle school bands perform their Christmas concerts. They both said they want to play the trumpet like daddy! just kidding...they said drums. Then you'll see the "boat" in the children's section of our library, where N discovered on his own that the round pillows fit in the windows an Grandma was on the other side when he took them down! If I were more savvy, there'd be video, but I like to keep my technology expectations low.

(20 minutes later) What's that saying about keeping your exprectations low so you'll never be disappointed? Any of you bloggers know how to upload phone pics directly from your phone to yor blog? Anybody know what Im talking about? Sometimes I wonder why we put such faith in technology. Maybe carrier pigeons would be easier than this.

Oops, what abouty newfound good attitude toward all things in my life? The one my prego cousin Kelli reminded me of, when she thanked God for ankles that unswell? Seriously, we should all have that kind of optimism!

Okay, so no pics. Just know Lots of good stuff happened...like sunshine, slippery roads, Taco Bell, 20 minute nap, Shutterfly cards arrived(wahoo! Watch your mailbox!), library visit, bathtub crayons, and Monday Night Football-kind of. I enjoyed watching the millions of metrodome roof collapse videos better than the game!

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April said...

Get the blogger app! Its super easy to use and you can post blogs/pics right from your iphone. :) Thats how I posted while we were in Iowa.