Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mall Fun

Cool Cat

Where to, Bro?
Cab!  I need a cab! 

Funny story about this play land - this was the boys' second visit.  Their first was last month when I was flat on my back with the flu and my fab Hubs took the boys out on his own for a guys' night - so I could rest in a quiet house.  (What a doll!  He's taken, ladies!)  God bless him - I would never take them to a place like this without help.  He said, "I couldn't keep track of both of them at the same time!  They were both going opposite directions and N kept running for the exit and it was really busy with lots of kids!"  (*Smirk* I could have told him that would happen!)  But my eternally optimistic husband caught them both and herded them to the food court to feed them Chickwich (the closest thing to Chick-fil-A we can find up north).

Cruisin' in the Convertible
Play land was fun and I'm glad they enjoyed it because it may be a while before we get back.  Grandma's flying out tonight. 

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