Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vote For Maria's Taco Hut!

I love Food Network.  I watch it a lot.  I haven't seen much of the new show called "Great Food Truck Race," but I plan on watching it now, since I learned a local woman, who is also battling cancer, is in the running to be on the next season of the Great Food Truck Race!

Yesterday, I read an article from our local online newspaper about Maria - click on the link here to learn how she's the only food truck in business south of the Metro, how she's beating cancer, and how I can't wait to meet her at Jesse James Days in two weeks!  Okay, I'm not in the article, but I think she's a pretty neat lady and I don't even know her - yet.

Here's how you can help: you register on the The Food Network site - it's free, you just need a valid email address - and cast 10 votes a day for her.  I did it yesterday and today, but she needs more than my help!  Yesterday she was ranked 169 (of what, I don't know) and today she's 161.  We've only got till Sept 12 to move her up, readers!  Let's vote for Maria's Taco Hut! 

Update: 161 of 225.
Update: Here's the Food Network Link (duh) http://foodtrucks.teamdigital.com/