Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deck the Walls

This was at my mom's last weekend, when my sister and her kids were over.  My four year old nephew came running into the living room where the adults were talking, (and Hubs was being killed on the Wii by our 8 year old nephew):

Day have markers!
Who has markers?
Da babies!  Day marking da wall!

I've learned from a previous experience that Magic Eraser will take this stuff off in a second, so after snatching the markers away (and they weren't the Crayola Washables, fyi) I cut a Magic Eraser in half and gave them each a piece.  I wasn't going to let them off the hook this time!

My mom, of course, thought this was hysterically funny - read her comment on July's post - and wanted me to take a picture.  I told her, no way!  I don't want them thinking this is cute enough to photograph and give a repeat performance!  (I was pretty hot - not seeing the humor WHAT.SO.EVER.)  So she grabbed her cell phone and snapped this one because I refused.

I guess now, it's kind of funny, but that's only because it came off and now mom has stored the markers somewhere unreachable by two year olds.  (Right, mom?) 

If this happens again, though....

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