Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Update: 38 Weeks

No dilation, nothing happening, all is well, see you next week. 

I'm not as disappointed this week, I was expecting it. But I'm going to spend the next week working on some of those home remedies I found last night in hopes of making progress by next Thursday morning (except for the castor oil, ew).  It's the best excuse I've EVER had to get a pedicure (not to mention they're looking pretty gnarly) tomorrow afternoon.  And A, by "other things" I meant eating an entire fresh pineapple.  What were YOU thinking ;)?

At least I've been feeling better the last few days, like second-trimester-better, so I don't mind waiting one more week if I feel like this.  Plus I think my Michigan-dwelling help will not be too happy if I go early.  But they'd all get over it when I deliver a ten pound turkey.

Just sayin'...I was a 9 pounder, my brother in law was a 10 pounder, and I know for a fact that my uterus can hold 11 pounds of baby.  So when I say I don't want to go much longer,  I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy don't want to go much longer! What's wrong with wanting to having a normal-size baby in the normal way? Really?!  Can't I do anything normally?  (Sigh)

Okay, this is a very unflattering photo of me (taken on a not-feeling-well-night to boot) but the boys are SO CUTE at bedtime, hugging and kissing baby brother goodnight, singing "Twinkle Twinkle" into my bellybutton, where they've decided is the hole where he will come out - and I'm not telling them any differently.
Mommy and her 3 boys


jami. said...

Seriously amusing! My kids still think the doctor cuts open your belly and that's where you come out, hey that's how it happened for us, it's normal in our house. And, I'm with you not gonna rock that boat, until I have to :)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

How can it already feel like a million years ago that I was 38 weeks pregnant .. it was less than 2 months ago! Your time is coming mama! Soak up the last moments with your big boys -- somehow the relationship changes. It's not a bad thing, but it just changes. Can't wait to hear all about the birth. Praying for you!

Liz Siebenaler said...

I can not believe you are 38 weeks! The boys look very cute and I love the twinkie thing:)

KJ said...

LOL! I totally understand....our little girl was 3 days shy of her due date and I couldn't believe it. After going so early with the twins I never thought I'd have a full-term baby...but then #4 shocked us by being 2+ weeks late...Enjoy your last moments as a family of 4!