Thursday, April 26, 2012

No Soup For You!

Come back, one year!
"No Soup for You" You Tube Clip

I feel like Elaine in this Seinfeld episode, when the Soup Nazi won't give her the mulligatawny she orders (complete with a laugh track from my MIL's friend, Elaine, the one who carried her baby elephants to 46 and 44 weeks).

My 39 week appointment this morning netted the same result: No Dilation For You!  Come back, one week!  With a little postscript: then we'll schedule a C section for 41 weeks.

Boo.  Hiss.

But I'm taking it well.  Handsome Hubs had a hunch this was coming I think, so while I was gone this morning he swept, mopped and vacuumed, as well as changed N's pee-pee bedding, and was shopping with the boys at Menard's for a snake (auger) to fix my clogged kitchen drain when I got home.  That definitely softens the blow.  He's turning into quite the Mr. Mom.  And I like it!

Here's a funny for you: last night we walked to a nearby playground and chatted with the neighbors who were out doing yard work.  Coming upon a neighbor who was weed whacking and showering her driveway with debris, M piped up and loudly asked, "Why you making such a mess?!"  

No Soup for You!

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