Monday, April 2, 2012

A Whole New World

Today I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant with Baby Boy 3, 1 day longer than I was with the twins. And I'm in the WORLD does a girl carry on for 4 more weeks?! I felt great last week, hardly pregnant at all, and last night, the same day I got to the boys' "birthday" day, I kind of fell apart. My goal today is laundry laundry laundry, but it's 10 am and I'm on the couch writing you. Having never experienced those last 4 weeks, I'm a bit surprised how I have slow down even more. Wish that laundry fairy and dust bunny fairy and bottle disinfecting fairy would stop by. But she says she's waiting one more month!
Washing machine is calling me now. Must. Get. Up.


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

You will make it! Take it one day at a time. And if you don't have the energy to do laundry today, it'll still be there to or row. For your hubby to do. ;-)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I completely agree with you. The last weeks I was pregnant I was SO TIRED and felt like I didn't accomplish much day to day. I made it to 39w/2d.... and that was ENOUGH!! Take it one day at a time ... pamper yourself ... take as many naps as possible and just know it will end. And then you will have your sweet baby. It's been such a wonderful experience to have just one baby! I am very excited for you. I was a wreck before Ayla was born b/c I was convinced I couldn't do the newborn stage again. The scars from twin infancy are deep! But -- i've REALLY enjoyed everything with just this one baby. It's way more doable!! Hang in there!