Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old Wives' Tales

I research them online in the middle of the night. Tonight's topic is wether thunderstorms or a change in barometric pressure can start labor. The verdict? Yes....and no. Just like every other old wives tale, it works for some and not for others. A dear friend K has told me twice this month that two of her three were born in spring thunderstorms. I've heard this could happen, and tonight, when I woke at 1:00 am with contractions and hearing thunder, I thought, maybe she's right! So I laid there watching the clock, feeling my tummy tighten, and counted up the number of old wives' tales I've tried this week. 1. Long walks. This is debatable only because "long" is rather friend M was told she had to walk for 3 hours. I can walk for maybe 30 min, so I'm not sure if they counted. Either way, walking hasn't worked yet. 2. Pineapple. Minus a few pieces for my kids (poor hubs is allergic) I've eaten most of two whole pineapples in about a week. They were delicious, and helpful in other ways, so I don't mind splurging on the del monte gold treasures that I never buy unless they are on sale - because I have to eat the whole thing (mostly) myself. Include a McD's pineapple smoothie and pineapple orange juice for breakfast and you get the's not working. But I might still buy another one tomorrow, they were so good. 3.Sex. Everyone says it works and why not, it's what got us here? But no, it's not working either. 4.spicy food. I did actually get some Indian food from Chapati's on Sunday night and it was delicious...6 days ago, so clearly that didn't work. 5. Thunderstorms. Not that I can create my own, but now that the storm seems to have passed, two hours later, I'm feeling no contractions. 6. Pedicure. It's almost 8 days old so that didn't do much. It felt great and seems to be holding up well, though, so hopefully my toes will still be pretty when (if) the day ever comes. What's left? Apparently, I need to do squats, which sound worse than walking, but may be worth a try. Also, bouncing on an exercise ball - which would be a much better use than its current state, that of being thrown all over the downstairs by the twins, knocking down every upright item (why I don't bother with much decorating to begin with). Note that both of these are exercises? I'm a much better eater, so I'm hoping for more Chapati's and pineapple this weekend. I draw the line at castor oil, though. My hairdresser K says it's a terrible idea and I trust her completely. Everyone keeps telling me to relax, that the baby will come out, that it means he's going to be a very calm and relaxed child (a girl can dream!), that I won't be pregnant forever. Maybe Elaine is the one telling the truth. Maybe she's a prophetess? Maybe I will go 6 weeks late like she did and he'll come out pedaling a bike!? Maybe I just need to go back to bed. After all, I'm "only" 39 and a half weeks pregnant. Just wait till I'm REALLY overdue, folks!

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KJ said...

Don't stress out about it! We also tried almost everything (including castor oil) and NOTHING worked. It's all in the Lord's time so don't worry about it. Plus my midwife said stressing doesn't help. So enjoy your time as a family of four and your newest little man will show up right on time. :)