Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Sometimes I feel so Mary Poppins it's ridiculous. 

Haha, just kidding, you all know I'm not a "spoonful of sugar" type of mom!  But when the Easter Bunny found kites for just 2 bucks apiece, she snatched them up for the baskets and a breezy day.

Which came yesterday after I'd had a nap so was feeling ok, the weather was cooperative and we needed to kill some time in the afternoon.  Hence, my brilliant Mary Poppins moment. 

M was interested in the kites for the first few minutes while we were assembling them.  Watch how his interest wanes as the outing unfolds.  Maybe it's because there was some kind of Mexican fiesta party happening in the park pavilion that we were not invited to.  He didn't quite understand how there could possibly be a party happening and he couldn't go!  N wasn't interested in assembling them, but once we got them up in the air, crashed, and repaired, he was really getting into it.  

Oh, boy!  My new Brobee kite, I can't wait to fly it!

Kite?  Huh? 

Watch this, kids!

La la la....

Whoa!  That's what a kite does?

M: boring.  N: lemme try!

N trying to get it off the ground.  I had to put the camera down to help him.

N has Brobee in the air!

Quite pleased with himself

Kites are fun!
What you don't see is M running toward the porta-johns a half mile away, screaming, I gotta go potty!  Which may or may not have been true.  He is enamored with every porta john we pass by, which are many many more than the normal person would believe.

Mary Poppins I am not.  But I'm pleased with a 50% success rate with N enjoying the outing!

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