Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Pig Day!

  • Happy MLK Day. We celebrated by Hubs staying home, dropping M and N off at pre school, and noshing on breakfast at Pat N Jerry's with C. I totally get why the baby is spoiled. Because after the big kids are gone, mom and dad are like, one kid?! We can TOTALLY start going out to eat again! In MLK's honor, of course. I'm sure he would approve.
  • Happy Birthday to my sister P! She's almost always had a three day weekend on her birthday, and today was an actual day off of work for her! Unlike Michigan, Texas does recognize MLK day, presumably because it's part of the south. However, it makes it almost impossible to get a birthday card to her on time. Sorry 'bout that, sis.
  • Happy Pig Day! It's a children's book we borrowed from the library last week. N giggled all the way through it, and after a couple of readings, he could read those three words and shouted them out every time we came to them.  I am completely and totally in my element teaching my kids to read. I love, LOVE LOVE it. We go the library every week and check out all kinds of things, things they want, like Lego stories, things I want, like nonfiction and level one easy readers. Then we spend a half hour reading together on the couch after I put C down for his nap. It's my favorite part of the day.

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