Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This is Getting Ridiculous

No school again today.

And don't be all like, "you'll want to have your littles at home with you again someday."


No one wants to continue this Christmas Break, the one that began 22 days ago.  The one that contain(ed)
  • 3 little boys, bored or sick with a cold for most of it.
  • The Plague -the most vicious cold I/we've had in years, which gave C an ear infection.
  • a broken molar
  • 4 snow/bad weather days
  • frozen water pipes for 3 days 
  • at least a foot of snow
  • missed garbage today at 8:05...Waste Management flew by at 50 MPH this morning and customer service is all like, "they can't even cross the street for safety reasons when they come back down your road to do the other side."  Really?  No one ELSE goes 50 mph down our street.  Only them.  
  • A bedwetter.  Yep, I've got one.  

But I can't just quit typing there.  I have to be all positive to make you and me feel better about this. So here are some good things that happened in the last 3 weeks.
  • We slept in our own beds during the holidays.  Pretty sure I've told you how awesome that is.
  • My old electric blanket still works. Put it on the bed last night, which may be part of the reason I missed the garbage this morning because I was NOT about to climb out of that warm little nest to wake the kids with all my garbage gathering noise on a snow day.  No way.
  • The Plauge has passed.  I got the worst of it, all that's left is C's ear re-check tomorrow, but I'm having some doubts after he was up crying for 1.5 hours last night.  Maybe that was part of the missed garbage, too.
  • A 4 day visit to MN to attend a New Year's Eve wedding of an old friend and to visit others, and to get our hairs done and to take the twins to the MOA rides...they've been asking for months, "Where is our new Mall of America?"  (Um, there isn't one.)
  • Some excellent news about our townhouse in MN.  Yes, we still own it, but perhaps not much longer.  Suffice it to say that news from 10:30 last night makes up for all of the above. I'll just have to keep that good news in mind all day because it is the only thing I really wanted for Christmas, something money couldn't buy...okay, someone ELSE'S money could, like a miraculous stranger who appeared to me last get the drift. 
UPDATE: So the garbage man just came back going down the north side of the road.  I raced out there in the nick of time to drag the can across the street.  He said he had to go to the landfill already this morning and just picked a road to go down (and now that I think of it, ours is the most frequently plowed since the trucks are just a block away so it makes sense) and was nice and thanked me for walking the can across the street for him.  So I'm not such a jerk and neither is he.  Things are looking up.  Let's hope my broken tooth appointment this afternoon has such a pleasant surprise ending...

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