Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Longest Christmas Break Ever

 M and N's last day of school was Dec. 18 due to a snow day on the 20th...or ice day, whatever it was.  Then we had a full two week Christmas break...then when school was to start yesterday, we had another snow day, and when gymnastics was supposed to start, it was closed due to a cold weather day.  The wind chills ARE far below zero, so I wouldn't have been too happy to have taken them out in it, but...it's time to get back to business!  So here is our Longest Christmas break ever, in pictures. 
Christmas Eve with Hubs' family...M and N start the opening festivities
Me and C...I'm smiling even though I just broke a tooth.
Is there a worse time to break a tooth than Christmas Eve at 4:00? No, there is not.  Your dentist just closed and will remain closed for 6 days, when you learn your dentist is out for the entire week and you can't get an appointment for 9 more days.  That makes 15 days with a broken tooth.   Don't break a tooth on Christmas Eve, k?
C and his new choo choo!

All the girls!  Me and my two sisters in law and cousins

Me and mylove

Second Christmas Eve Party at my grandparents.   
Now that my kids are old enough to go to the bathroom and play with toys (ok, 2/3 can but it's a huge majority now) family gatherings like pictured above are a lot more fun because I can actually talk to people!  Not deeply, but still, I can speak entire sentences for minutes at a time.

Christmas morning we were up bright and early...see how dark it is out the window?  Santa made it, somehow, though we don't have a fireplace.  Though N got a real kick out of "Fireplace for your Home" on Netflix and made sure to put it on first thing in the morning!  

First Christmas morning in our own house!

Santa delivered the goods! 
 It took forever and a day but Santa delivered the elusive "medium size tow truck." Two weeks later is seems hardly touched, but he did it. 
Merry Christmas, M!

 Christmas Day was a flurry of wrapping paper and food at our house and then my in-laws'.  We had a great time and enjoyed spending the day with our families.  It's so much fun to be here in Michigan so we can be a part of everything and then at the end of the celebration, collapse into our own bed.  Nothing like it.
Broken tooth and coming down with the plague but still, I'm gorgeous.
I have more to say but C is biting my ankles hollering, "bee-cher! bee-cher! Dada! Dada!" and now he's on my lap slapping me and trying to type.  I think I need to go and ffill you in on the rest later. Happy New Year!  Oh, and this gift came in handy....
Hubs and Uncle D...guess what they got?

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