Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Many Teeth Does a Pirate Princess Have?

Since I turned 36 in September, I've acquired my first pair of prescription lenses and broke a tooth, needing a crown.  And if you happen to be following the crown story, the temporary broke off on Day 10 and now I have an ugly stump in my mouth until next Monday.  When I'm getting ready for bed looking at me in my glasses, brushing my stumpy teeth, I'm like, GAH!  I'm so glad my husband met me and married me when I was young and thin and had all my teeth! Fourteen years later, I'm not sure he'd go for a blind, squishy, stumpy mess of a lady! 

And then today, this is just a perfect example of old people and technology...

I've been kind of avoiding Facebook the last few months, just because it's a big fat waste MY of time (not yours) and I don't give a flying flip WHAT princess a Disney quiz tells you you are.  Really?  For crying out that, that's just plain ridiculous. 

BUT now that I"m in need of a THIRD pirate costume for a preschool Family Pirate/Princess Dance next week, I thought I'd turn to my Facebook friends and see what may come of it.

I'm not even going to take C, otherwise I'd need a FOURTH baby pirate costume.  WHO has a whole family of pirate costumes?  The girl families are getting off easy here, lemmee tell ya.  Oh, wait, these people do....
This is what we will NOT look like next week.  But it is a really cute pirate family from Bing Images.

I just spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to post a post on Facebook.  Apparently it's changed again.  I have no idea how to post crazy things about my stumpy teeth and dire need for pirate clothing.  What will I do with my life?

So I can't post on Facebook anymore I guess. Not that it's a big deal.  N doesn't even WANT to wear a pirate costume, but what do I dress him in then?  Should I put him in the Halloween T-shirt that says, "This T shirt is my costume?"

Not such a bad idea now that I think of it....

He'd probably punch me in mouth trying to get him in a costume anyway, and break another tooth or put my eye out.  Then I'd be the princess wearing an eye patch.

I wonder which Disney princess THAT would be?

Her...yeah, that's the look I'm going for...

Well..... it IS an improvement over the stumpy mess look I described earlier.


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