Thursday, August 5, 2010

14 Month Olds' To-Do List

  • ride in the shopping cart and buy lotsa diapers. 
  • laugh at the little boy ahead of us in the Target checkout who hollers, "Whoa, that's a lotta diapers!" and reply, "Yeah, I have a lotta kids!" (Wait, that was me)
  • WALK!
  • climb up onto the furniture
  • climb off the furniture, going down backward, and keep walking
  • fall off the sides of the furniture headfirst (whaaa!)
  • cut teeth: N has 14, M has 8, but he's working hard on those molars!
  • push our toy trucks around the house making "rrrrrrrrrrr" sounds
  • point at tiny airplanes flying far overhead
  • dance to the "Veggietales" songs on DVD
  • play by ourselves, but only occasionally, when we think Mom's not looking , and only for a few minutes until we see her looking

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