Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cabbage Patch Kids

I wanted one so badly as a kid (and my fab parents did get me one) but now I have TWO!
N and E in Great Grandpa's cabbage patch

Okay, the one on the right is actually my nephew.  M was too busy playing in the cozy coupe to come over and check out the vegetables.

M and E getting cozy

Meanwhile, back in Great Grandpa's garden, N helps himself to a tomato.

N picks himself a tomato

Let's have BLT's, mom!

The boys are totally diggin' country life this week.  They spent almost every waking minute outside yesterday, running in the yard, picking dandelions, and trying to eat various parts of nature: twigs, leaves, tomatoes, you name it.  Their cousins, of course, showed them the way kept them safe.  Today they fed the critters most of their lunch because we dined al fresco...it made clean-up so easy!  Someday (I don't know when), we'll have a "real" yard for the fellas where they can just go pee on a tree, like they watched E do yesterday, fascinated!

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