Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Winner is...


Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions - my readers are a very clever bunch.  However, when the last entry, Twin Engines, came in, I knew it was a dead ringer for our family blog because:
  • if we could harness their energy, we really could get a vehicle off the ground
  • we're always moving, even if we're not flying
  • when we do fly, it's almost always on a twin-engine aircraft
  • the boys were dubbed 'righty' and 'lefty' in utero (because they didn't have names!)
  • my mom really wanted that $5 Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon
Thanks, mom.  You've always been great at choosing names!


One Girl, Two Boobs said...

I love the name!! I saw it and thought it was going to be the one. Mom's are so smart :)

Pam Kelsey said...

I Love it! I would've loved it even if I didn't pick it out! Fits those little guys to a "T!"