Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Zoo Fun

Aunt L, M, N and Mommy at the Saginaw Children's Zoo
M and N pet a goat because the llama would not oblige.
Aunt L and M with the crazy-toothed llama
Chicken nuggets come from where?

Today was our last opportunity to spend with Aunt L before she goes back to college.  We've had so much fun with her this summer!  On our way back, she "accidentally" let Mommy miss our turn, so we "had" to go to Taco Bell for lunch!  Aunt L was so convincing that Mommy got us each our own mini quesadilla - yummy!  We're napping now - down to just one a day, much to Mommy's chagrin - and recharging for another evening of fun in Michigan.

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