Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amazing Apple Orchard

I love that even though the boys are over a year old, we still have plenty of "firsts" to go!  On Saturday, we attended an MVMOM event, an orchard outing, and the boys took their first hayride.  And it keeps getting better: first, the orchard was just a couple miles away, and second, HONEYCRISP APPLES ARE IN SEASON!

(Forgive me, but there are a few reasons I love fall, and this is one of them.  Be prepared for some more excited blog posts because two more are coming up in the next week: my birthday and The Amazing Race premier.)

If you have never eaten a honeycrisp apple, you just haven't lived.  You absolutely MUST find an orchard or grocery store near you that carries them and buy them up because the season is only a few weeks long...during which my birthday occurs and the Amazing Race premiers.  Does life get better?

Yes!  We took the boys on their First Ever Hayride! (Okay, I know I'm a little excited, but I had a lot of coffee and a great morning with some fab women at Mom's Group, AND the boys are sleeping and the sun is shining!)

Back to the hayride!

Here we are, gettin' ready to go...
This one is my favorite, taken just a second before the tractor took off, M kicked off a Croc, and Mr. J., the man next to me, jumped off the wagon to retrieve it!  The boys did seem to enjoy the ride, something I conclude by the fact they basically didn't try to jump off our laps.

There was also a "maze" for the kids to explore and M and N did what I expect them to do the rest of their lives: divide and conquer!  Daddy had the camera and M duties, so we got these cute shots of M exploring the labyrinth:

Follow me!

Look, a plane!

Yeah, planes have nothing to do with the orchard, but the boys point and call out every time they see one.  Which is All. The. Time.

Great fun was had by all and we'll go back again because we'll need some more honeycrisp and some adorable pumpkin/football shots when they're in.

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