Thursday, September 2, 2010

Airport Antics

The airport was EMPTY last Saturday.  Hubs flies all. the. time. and said he's never seen an airport so empty.  And it makes sense.  Ours was the ONLY flight and had just 11 people on it.  We were 4 of them.

Being the ever-prepared momma I am (okay, used to be and still want to be, so sometimes occasionally am), we got there EARLY.  So early, in fact, the TSA was "off."  You know those "be back at..." clock signs?  No lie, it was hanging there, right where you're supposed to unload your junk at the security checkpoint.

So what did we do?  There's TONS to do at the teensiest little airport in MI, like...
play in the water fountain
and push each other in the SmarteCart!
and screech, run around, crash the strollers into things (and each other), and when the TSA comes back from their coffee break, which, by the way isn't so bad to NOT be rushed through security with two squiggly little guys, we watch our plane land.

What's cute about this is, ten years ago, hubs used to work this exact. same. ramp, working the flights just like the guys in the photo!  It's adorable to listen to him tell the guys, "now they're going to place the comes the baggage tug..."  

"Our library book calls that an airport truck," I interrupt.  

"Well, it's actually called a baggage tug, so that's what we call it,"  

Aye, aye, captain!

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