Friday, September 24, 2010

Take Your Grandma To School Day

Apparently, the third week of school is Take Your Grandma to School Day!  The grandmas were sweet, sharing what antics their (only) twin grandkids do.  Grandma A shared during the "parent education" time that she was amazed at how the boys follow directions.  And it's true!  I haven't mentioned it here because...well, I'm with them every day and it seems a tiny bit less amazing, especially when the brilliant children in question are throwing grilled cheesed on the (carpeted) floor. 

But they do  follow simple directions. 
When I say, "It's time to eat," they run to their high chairs. 
When I say, "It's time for night night," they run to the gate at the bottom of the stairs.
When I say, "Daddy's home!" they run to the gate at the top of the stairs.
When I say, "Don't throw that grilled cheese on the floor!" they do it anyway.

After us parents and grandparents got educated, we all sat together for circle time and played with the shakers for the "Shaky, Shaky" song.   Then, today's storytime was better than last week's because Grandma was there to wrestle one little fella.  I've decided my "goal" for this class (because we have to state one!) is to sit in the circle during storytime.  (We have to sell Butter Braids for a school fundraiser, too (!) so uh, if you're in the market for Butter Braids, I'm your woman.  Thus begins my stellar career of hawking my kids' fundraisers on all my friends and family.  How many more years of this?) 
N shaky shakin' it

Grandma A and M read a story during circle time
Mommy and N shaky shakin'
Our girlfriends H and B with their Mommy and Grandma

My MVMOM friend M and her 18 month old daughters are in our class.  School's more fun for us adults when our friends are there, too!  And SHE brought her mother in law to school today, too!  Here are the girls shaky shakin' their eggs.
N's favorite part of school is gym...and snack.  

Heavens, my boys are such BOYS already.  They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gym time and CRY if I make them share their favorite Little Tykes vehichle, the pickup truck.  Wow, it's like they're middle school already, loving snack and gym, not liking reading. 

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I sooo wish our district had the twin class. We are in the regular 12-18 mo class, but as you know it's just not the same as being with all mom's of twins. I think I should pitch the idea in our district. Thanks for sending me the information. We live in Rogers so the south metro is a bit of a scoot for us, plus I think they were all full. I will enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the class! Thanks for sharing!