Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bayne's Babies

What's better than cider donuts and caramel apples in the fall?  Only playing with the boys on the orchard's kiddie land!  While I was "out" (see yesterday's post), Hubs' parents watched the boys and took them to Bayne's Apple Valley Farm for treats and playtime.  Can you tell they had fun?
M doesn't seem too crazy about the bee he caught!
Piles of pumpkins for my pint size pee wees.
Say cheese!
No Way.
They love follow the leader!
Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!  Is it time for cider donuts yet?

1 comment:

Lindsey Aulds said...

How did this one slip by me.. I check this thing everyday! I just saw it, either way its cute! Matthew w/ a bee! Eek!