Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You're Not a New Mom Anymore When...

1. You drop your kids off at Grandma's and don't call for the entire 8 hours you're gone.  Not. Once. 

2. While you're gone, you shop for a new pair of jeans because you FINALLY "get it:" you're not gonna fit into those pre-pregnancy jeans. EVER.  Even if you could zip them, your twin tummy (sorta like muffin-top, but...um, like a JUMBO muffin) would be flappin' over the top.  So you try on a pair of "tummy control" "mom-jeans" that you swore ten years ago you'd never wear over your. dead. body.  And then....LOVE them. 

3. Then go to the bra section because -you got it- the pre-pregnancy bras are never gonna happen, either, and the little cute one you bought to reward yourself for 10 months of breastfeeding twins ain't cuttin' it, either, and wind up with a taupe-colored-full-coverage-over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder that you ALSO said you'd never wear over your own dead body...and then...LOVE it.

4. Your handsome hubs of 8 years tells you how great you look in aforementioned "mom" jeans and "lady" bra and you fall in love with him all over again because you really did win the hubby lottery.

5. Then proceed to drop off the fellas at the church nursery, one of them with a snotty nose,  then walk away swiftly without a concern.

That's when you know you've graduated from New Mom.  Into what?  I'm not sure, but I'm there.  And I love it.

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Liz Siebenaler said...

Love this post! I haven't been a "new mom" in quite some time but I remember clearly when I went though this!