Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving Labor Day

We stayed at home over Labor Day weekend, having fun with the boys.  As you saw yesterday, we took them to the zoo, where we watched TWO bears swim back and forth in front of us, just inches from our faces.  N was not impressed, and seemed to be thinking, "I'd rather go home and play with my cozy coupes." 

We did spend some time outdoors playing with their cars, which the boys love more and more.  They're still not going forward, but they LOVE getting behind the car and pushing it, or scootching backward.  M will pitter patter his feet on the ground if you push his car forward.  Do you think they love these things or what?
This next picture doesn't look like much, so I have to explain.  M and N figured out how to go down the stairs at our house, backward on their bellies.  They're really getting good at it!  Apparently, M's depth perception isn't too great because when he was walking near this crack in the drive, he got down on his knees, scootched over it backward!, then got back up and kept walking!  I haven't laughed that hard since my Cake Wrecks entry!
The boys are becoming rather possessive as well.  I think the car in the above photo is the current favorite - it seems to be easier to get behind and push, I assume that's why.  Anyhow, when one boys gets tired of the other car, he'll try to push his brother out of this one.  Here, N jumped over the opposite side because M was guarding the door, and tried to take off on his brother.  M is complaining of N being a bully.  I'm beginning to see what my future holds.
Of course, we took a trip up the cities on a warm day to walk around their beautiful lakes and visit Punch Pizza.  See that little pizza in the upper left?  That's a "bambini," and the boys not only ate that themselves, they ate focaccia and a big bunch of grapes I'd brought.  I cannot imagine what it will be like trying to feed them in 13 years.

It was nice to have a long weekend at home with Hubs, and to get together with some old and new friends for a picnic - of which we have no pics!  Every now and then, we have so much fun, we completely forget to take shots.  I can just tell you that the boys played well in the pack and play with their girlfriend, G, but wanted out when they realized that people were having fun outside of it.  They loved walking through the park, picking up garbage, playing with other picnicker's toys, running away from us toward the water, and giving the parents-to-be in attendance a real scare!

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Bonnie said...

That's the second time I've heard about Punch pizza in a week. That's a sign, I'm going to have to go try it. And I remember my boys getting down on all fours to crawl over cracks in the sidewalk too, it is hilarious!!