Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of School

vocab words:
ECFE: Early Childhood Family Education, classes offered to families by local school districts in MN
MVMOM: Minnesota Valley Mothers of Multiples, a club to which I belong and LOVE

Today was the first day of our ECFE "Managing Multiples" class and the boys had a BLAST!  I can tell that I'm going to enjoy it, too, because several of my MVMOM friends enrolled their kiddos.  Starting next week, our class time will be half separated, meaning the parents get their "education" separately from the kids (to which I am greatly looking forward).  This week, we were all together, learning the ropes.

I had every intention of taking dozens of photos to show you how adorable their classroom is, how cute they were all dressed up in their jeans and T-shirts, and how much fun they were having with the other kids, all of which is true.

But another truth is that the boys were SO BUSY investigating every item and taking each toy apart, not to mention one who dirtied his diaper not once but twice, I only snapped two pics during the 5 minutes they were still: snacktime.

Well, they're not exactly the "first day of school" pictures I was hoping for, but they do show me something about the fellas.  When there are a dozen other kids sitting at the table, NOT going anywhere, but focusing on those animal crackers, LO and BEHOLD, my kids can, too!  Ah, the power of group conformity.

They're the smallest in the class and have a lot to learn, but I also see that the skills they do have serve them well.  See, while they wouldn't sit still on my lap for reading time, (they won't at home, either) they had absolutely no qualms about jumping into the mix and playing with the other kids, big and small.  I'm not at all worried about separating next week!  N is SO curious, twice when I looked around, I couldn't find him!  The first time, he'd gone back into the classroom (we were in the gym) to watch the fascinating bulldozers laying pavement in the parking lot, and the second, he'd found the dark bathroom and shut himself in - but he DID need a change, so that's pretty smart, right? 

Overall, I think it was a successful, albeit exhausting (but what day isn't?) first day of school.

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Hello! I am a fellow MN mom of twin girls - born September, 2009. We also attend ECFE...but I've never heard of a class for multiples. Do you mind sharing more with me?? I would be very interested. We started ECFE when the girls were about 4 months...and will start again next week in a regular 12-18 month class. I look forward to following you!!