Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Children's Garden

Thanks for sending my USB cord, Mom!  Now I can tell my clamoring audience all about our trip to Dow Garden's Children's Garden last week with Uncle D, Aunt M, and cousins S and E, and Aunt L, too!

You might remember me telling you that we have a special place in our hearts for Dow Gardens.  Hubs proposed to me there - roses, one knee, the whole works!- and we had wedding photos taken there, too. 

(Sorry...I use every excuse I can to post skinny pics!)

I also use every excuse I can to get back there when we visit MI, so when my fab sis invited me and the boys to go to the Children's Garden with her family, I jumped at the chance!  In the summer, they have a section dedicated just for kids to visit a real garden - complete with vegetables they can pick and eat (but no more than you can fit in your hand).  Families can sponsor a garden patch where they can grow and pick all their own veggies...that's where the adorable scarecrows are located!

The big boys teach the little boys how to wash a GIANT pig.  
They'll need to know that someday...uh, huh.

E shows me and M a flower
M swiped this cherry tomato while walking by and ate it right off the vine!
Cousin S's favorite place in the garden is a beautiful arch covered in grapevines...M tried a sour grape!
N wasn't too crazy about the sour grapes, either.
Uncle D and N find the goofiest scarecrow!
S shows us how to make the biggest bubble ever!
S as Johnny Appleseed - being the tallest has advantages, you know!
Aunt L and M with a scary Vikings scarecrow
All that gardening makes us really hungry, Mom.  How about our first ever Happy Meal?

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